We are a specialist importer of luxury scarves since 1998. Our scarves are lauded for their colourful and breathtaking product range in finest cashmere, wool, silk, linen and blends.

Our most popular scarves are pure wool in exquisite embroderies and embellishments with a myraid of colours available.

At Kapre we procure the best quality material - 100% PURE MERINO WOOL. All the raw material wool is sourced from Australia, and then designing, weaving and surface ornamentation is performed in India.

Our cashmere is sourced from the Himalayan mountain goats reared at 12,000ft above sea level. The lustrous and silk-like underfleece is carefully combed and meticulously sorted by hand to dispose of the coarse guard hairs of outer coats and class it according to fibre length, colour & clearness. It is then washed and dried to remove impurities and enhance the sheen. The cashmere is then hand-spun on traditional spinning wheels to produce very fine yarns. These yarns are then dyed to produce any colour, this combined with silken smoothness, feather-light touch and lovely sheen result in an unrivalled product in quality and style.

In order to appreciate the beautiful hand-crafted Kapre scarf it must felt and handled. It is impossible to fully convey the texture, embroderies and colours on a website. That is why we do 9 trade shows every year. We also have a warehouse in Birmingham where you can see and feel the products and select your collection. Please email us or call us to fix an appointment, or we look forward to seeing you at our next trade show.


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